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E3: Video Coverage


E3: Konami Conference is... interesting.


Honestly, just watch the video. I'm not sure whether to laugh, cry or just cringe awkwardly in my chair.

Buying the Hype: Bulletstorm


The FPS genre is over-saturated. With a new Call of Duty game every year now, and new iterations of Battlefield, Halo and Medal of Honor, I’m just tired of the genre.

At least, I was.

E3: Nintendo and Sony Live Blog

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E3 Microsoft Live Blog


So I saw the Prince of Persia movie...

Ben Kingsley Jaffar copy.jpg

… and I loved it.

I came into the movie expecting absolutely nothing. Almost all movies based of video games have been horrible. Some of them were so bad that they were great (I'm looking at you, Mortal Kombat). But most of them have just been terrible (I'm looking at you, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li).

The New Crispy Gamer

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We made a lot of changes here at Crispy Gamer over the past couple of months and I wanted to share with everyone what we’ve done.

First Shot: Super Mario Galaxy 2


Mario games know how to get right into the action. Within the first 20 minutes I have gone through an introductory stage highlighting the basics of Mario's movements and I see that Bowser has captured the Princess again. Ho hum.

Really though, I couldn't be happier with this game. Mario moves just like he did in the previous game and the inclusion of Yoshi brings back the excitement I felt when I first discovered him in Super Mario World. The galaxies vary from grassy lands to icy terrain to abstract puzzle levels and each area feels unique.

Rainwave: Streaming Video Game Music


Video game music is a huge part of my collection. Honestly speaking, it's the music I hear the most because I spend more time playing games than I do listening to my Zune. So often times, I like listening to video game music when I'm at work. Except, aside from what is on my MP3 player, it's difficult to find good video game music unless I've played that game myself.

Playing Borderlands


My roommate and I just finished our first playthrough of Borderlands. We managed to do every single quest in the main story netting us a good chunk of PS3 trophies. We are now on our second run through and now we love this game even more.

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