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First Shot: Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light


LEGO Universe Gameplay From PAX '10


Japanese Okamiden TV Spot & Video


Okamiden arrives on DS in Japan today, so I thought we could celebrate with some preview videos they've put out. I loved Okami on Wii (I've never played the PS2 version), but feel like using a stylus to physically draw the brush strokes will greatly enhance the game. As far as I'm concerned, this is a must-have for any DS owner. 

Okamiden Japanese TV Spot:

New Epic Mickey Gameplay Videos


The more I see of this game the more excited I become for it. It just looks like classic Disney with an edge, a kind of counterbalance to Kingdom Hearts. I like the direction they've taken the game in and can't wait to play it.

Nintendo 3DS Software Line-Up Video


Nintendo 3DS Details Revealed


Announced yesterday, the Nintendo 3DS will be released in Japan this coming February for the yen equivalent of $300 USD.

The 3DS box will include a charging stand, AC adapter, touch pen, 2GB SD memory card, and manuals. Its upper screen will be 3.53 inches wide with 3D support (with no need for glasses) and a 800x240 resolution (400 pixels per eye for 3D viewing), while the lower screen is just 3.02 inches wide and 320x240 pixels. 

Bioshock: Infinite 10-Minute Gameplay Demo


First Shot: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep


Team ICO Collection Listed By Walmart


As seen here, Walmart is currently taking reserves for the unannounced ICO / Shadow of the Colossus bundle for the PS3. They list the game for $39.82 with an April 1, 2011 release date - possibly a placeholder spring release date, though it's too early to tell. 

Castle Crashers Still Great On PS3


When my XBOX 360 bricked two years ago I thought I'd never get the opportunity to play the full version of Castle Crashers. Once it was fixed, I wanted to finish Fallout 3 (the system had to be repaired 30 hours into the game) and with so many new and old games to play I never got around to the delightful flash game-like side-scroller slash-em-up, especially after my 360 died again last Winter out of warranty - almost exactly one year after it was fixed. 

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