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"All Your Kongregates Are Belong to GameStop"


As I strolled through GameStop today to pick up my copy of Starcraft II, I didn't see any free flash games fluttering through the air or peeking out at me from behind used copies of God of War III. Normally, it would be pretty odd of me to think to look for free flash games at the giant retail chain, but with the announcement that has been purchased by GS, my search seems a lot less silly.

Alien Swarm PSA: How Not to Cure Infestation


It happens to everyone, even the best of us:  You and your marine buddies are out on another bughunt and everything is going well, when suddenly a facehugger parasite jumps out of nowhere and clamps onto someone’s face.  Now the victim is going to die painfully over the next several seconds, and it’s up to his comrades to answer one critical question to save his life: How do you cure infestation?

Street Fighter X Tekken ComiCon Teaser Trailer

Street Fighter X Tekken Logo

WoW Macros For Your Feet!


Hey WoW players!  All those annoying keys and buttons just too much for you to handle?  Well, now you can spam heals, trigger macros, or let everyone know that despite wiping your entire raid, you at least have chicken - all without lifting a finger!  It's the Word of Warcraft Tap Chat!

You see it's a pedal, and you... well, you step on it... and it does stuff! Cool stuff!  Really cool stuff!  Stuff your hands are too busy to do!

First Shot: Alien Swarm

I'm sure this is exactly what Nikola Tesla had in mind for his inventions.

Valve released a new game this week.  Surprised?  I certainly was.  But there’s more: It’s available for free, it’s not a first-person shooter, and, most surprisingly of all, it was released on time (rim shot).

Rush 2112 Album Fully Playable in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock - Rush 2112 Dream 400.jpg

Rush's 2112 Album which featured epic Progressive Rock tracks such as the six-part 20 minute song "2112" and "The Twilight Zone" will be available to play on the newest iteration of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. A video interview trailer with the band can be seen after the break.

Sims 3: Late Night will give our computers a major case of Deja Vu this fall.

Sims 3 Late Night Pic 1.jpg

EA recently announced that this Fall we’ll see the release of the 3rd expansion pack for The Sims 3, Nightlife, Late Night.

God of War Indie Movie Trailer


Plants Vs. Zombies Coming To XBLA w/Multiplayer


The always incredible PopCap Games has announced that their hit, Plants Vs. Zombies, will sprout on XBLA this fall (probably September). This console iteration will contain more content than any other version of the game, with seven game modes, including two never-before-seen co-op and versus modes, 12 unique achievements, online progress tracking, a higher resolution, and 21 mini-games. 

First Shot: Dragon Quest IX

DragonQuestIX 400.jpg

Somewhere in the world Celstrians have fallen from their invisible castle in the sky. Now mortal, it is up to you to and your recruits to protect the humans in place of your now missing guardian angel race and discover why their sky city was destroyed.

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