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Videologue: Why So Serious?



For all their underdog charm, indie games are the ones with cool haircuts. The real outsiders -- the ones with the prickly personalities and odd smell -- are the serious games, the simulations that business, academic, and government instutitions use to train their noobs. John Teti and I wandered into the Serious Games showcase at GDC and did some toying around. Watch: In five years, these games are going to be all the rage.

Tune out TV, turn on games


Prime time is no longer the stronghold of television anymore, according to some data released by Nielsen. These days, gamers of all shapes, sizes, genders and ages, are turning to computers and consoles for entertainment. Of course, this data does not yet take into account programs recorded using Tivo and DVR, but it is certainly a shift. And what, if any affect has Hulu had on TV viewing?

Godfather II PR Stunt: "And may their first child be a masculine child."


The Godfather II is in stores this week. If I hear from one more of you about how the game "isn' really all that bad," I'm going to start taping handguns to the backs of toilets in chophouses and offering to take you to a chophouse for dinner. You've been warned.

To mark the occasion, EA sent out further proof that they have no business whatsoever managing the IP or trying to strongarm it into a videogame.

Maybe Uwe Boll Is Right

Thanks to wickedly wonderful white magic of Netflix on demand movies and my Roku box, I finally had a chance this weekend to watch Uwe Boll’s satirical masterpiece, Postal.
I’ll propobably have my game cred plucked forever from my wallet by angry entertainment cops, but I liked the movie. Yes it was dumb. Yes it was offensive. And yes, sometimes it just kind of meandered.

Mysteries of Gaming Revealed!: Why the DSi packaging is weirdly hefty.


The DSi itself is a slender, sleek little sliver of a game machine/camera hybrid. But the packaging that it ships in? That's heavy as hell. Only by tearing the box apart was I able to discover the source of the mystery weight: of course, it's the gargantuan DSi manual. This thing is a whopping 330 pages in length and--as you can see from the pic--weighs in at over 11 oz. The DSi, in contrast, weighs less than 8 ounces.

60-hour work weeks as a norm? Wow.


I've been trying to catch up on some Internet reading over the weekend and I stumbled across a blog entry from Greg Costikyan, EIC at Play This Thing and CEO at Manifesto Games. Costik (or caustic depending on his rant) has never been shy about talking about games, be it development, the industry as a whole or the indie game scene.

Diggin' The Dishwasher


Ska Studios' The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai is every bit as good as the last time I played it - when it was still an XNA community game vying for an award. It went on to take that award hands down and was awarded a full-fledged Arcade license.

Too Short for Love


GDC Gaggle

I want to know what love is and I want you to show me, Eskil Steenberg.

Wild Pockets Game Jam This Weekend



Friendly Reminder: The Wild Pockets Game Jam kicks off tomorrow at the Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus in Mountain View, CA. The Wild Pockets Game Jam is a two day event where teams of game developers compete to create the best game possible in 24 hours. Their work will be judged by a panel of industry experts for a prize package that includes a grand prize of $2,500 in cash.

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