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Rhythm Heaven, Live Acoustic Version



Nintendo dropped by the office recently to do a live-action demo of Rhythm Heaven. Here's where our own Evan Narcisse's choral training was put to some good use.

Having played through 99% of the import, I can say that it's even better than this acoustic rendition. I hear they gave free copies of the game to everyone who attended Iwata's GDC keynote. T_T

Legends of WrestleMania at a Glance


Global Agenda and my MMO virginity


I don’t play MMOs.

In my career as a games writer, I’ve barely written about them. I understand where aspects of the offline RPG and the ones online intersect. I know about the genre from friends and peers, and those same people have helped me become familiar with some of the culture and specifics of various MMO offerings.

It's Not How It Looks


GDSaw: Day 1 Videologue



NSFW: Zombie Hooker Nightmare


Adult Swim's latest web game, Zombie Hooker Nightmare, mixes equal parts sex with action as you control a working girl who does her thing and fights off the zombie apocalypse in the process. Gather up your johns, fight those zombies, get back to your trailer and turn out those tricks. Just because it's the end of the world, that doesn't mean this girl gets a day off. Now that's real work ethic for you. 

OnLive: Hoping to be Fashionably Early to the Remote Play Party



Keita Takahashi Drew My Picture, Part 2



Here's the picture Keita Takahashi drew. As you can see, it doesn't look too much like me. I was wearing a tie, glasses and a lanyard around my neck. I'm not sure what I'm holding in my left hand. Is it a handbag? A bullhorn? A thought bubble?

Origin Story: Where Is My Heart?


As I watched Gus Mastrapa and Ryan Kuo play Where is my Heart? at the IGF Pavilion at GDC, built by Bernhard Schulenburg and friends, I pondered the title. Did it have meaning? Was it purposely cute or melancholy for the sake of blatant self promotion?

I asked Bernhard (who was on hand to explain how this platformer inspired by Lost Vikings worked) how he came up with the title.

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