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Team ICO Collection Listed By Walmart


As seen here, Walmart is currently taking reserves for the unannounced ICO / Shadow of the Colossus bundle for the PS3. They list the game for $39.82 with an April 1, 2011 release date - possibly a placeholder spring release date, though it's too early to tell. 

First Shot: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days


Castle Crashers Still Great On PS3


When my XBOX 360 bricked two years ago I thought I'd never get the opportunity to play the full version of Castle Crashers. Once it was fixed, I wanted to finish Fallout 3 (the system had to be repaired 30 hours into the game) and with so many new and old games to play I never got around to the delightful flash game-like side-scroller slash-em-up, especially after my 360 died again last Winter out of warranty - almost exactly one year after it was fixed. 

The New Labyrinth Zone! (Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Trailer)


Mega Man Universe Gameplay Teaser


First Shot: Madden 11



            In a summer where Madden saw its first legitimate challenger in what feels like half a decade, it was my expectation that EA Sports would go all out when it came to this year’s football sim. 

Anamanaguchi's Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack on Amazon


Tesla Tunes

arc attack.jpg

Not just for defending your alt-history Soviet base anymore!  Arc Attack gives Tesla coils their musical debut with a variety of gamer friendly selections.  The arcs of electricity themselves are the source of the sound waves that comprise that famous 8-bit theme.

Check out their full site here for more.

Mafia 2 - First Shot

Mafia2 front.jpg

It's clear from the outset that developer 2k Czech** wanted to make this a "cinematic" game. The first 15 minutes of the game is almost entirely pre-rendered movies. They spend a great deal of time talking about your (Vito's) life as a child immigrant, your father's  alcoholism and dirty dealings, your views on the wealth disparity within the city, etc. It certainly does a good job of drawing you into the world and the characters, but there is one huge problem: This is a game, not a movie.

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