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First Shot: Monday Night Combat

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If there’s one thing you can always depend on, it’s a downloadable release during Xbox Live’s annual Summer of Arcade. In a summer that already brought us the artful puzzle-platformer Limbo, the arcade boat racing sequel Hydro Thunder Hurricane, and the multiplayer 2D retro frenzy in Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, needless to say Monday Night Combat was another highly anticipated title for the XBLA library.

Neverwinter's going both MMORPG and 4th Ed. next year, and I'm realizing just how cuttable my wrists are these days.


Atari and Cryptic Studios recently announced that they are currently working on a new MMORPG called Neverwinter, based on the Dungeons and Dragons based Neverwinter Nights games. However unlike earlier games, this new MMO will be based upon the new Forgotten Realms; the 4th Edition D&D Forgotten Realms. If you are unfamiliar with the 4th edition version of Forgotten Realms, it’s the one that gutted the setting and threw away everything that made it interesting.

Hands-On: Hunted The Demon's Forge


I got the chance to sit down with inXile Entertainment president, Matthew Findley, at this year’s QuakeCon and he introduced me to inXile’s upcoming title, Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. I was able to play a bit of the game while Matthew explained things and guided me through the different areas, ensuring that I experienced everything it had to offer so far.

Own Your Own R2-D2


First, they licensed "Droid."  Now, they've gone all in and licensed R2-efffin'-D2!

That's right folks, a new limited edition R2-D2-themed Droid is dropping from Motorola on September 30th.  A white base, with a full R2 back, and a standard Droid 2 running Android 2.2 under the hood.

If you didn't have enough reason to buy a Droid, you sure do now.  Get news as soon as it breaks at Verizon's official site.

Android Trans-Reality Game - Zombie, Run!


Just the thing to spice up your late-night snack run.  

Grab Zombie, Run! for FREE from the Android Market, set your zombie density (Controlled, Early Local, Late Local, or Total Pandemic), zombie speed (Night of the Living Dead, Resident Evil, or 28 Days Later, and destination, and in the time it takes to GPS your location, you Google map is filled with a swarm of undead roamers.  

Hands-On: Fallout New Vegas


Bioshock Infinite Debut Trailer


Unlock Zombie Survival Mode in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game


To unlock Zombie Survival Mode in this summer's hottest side scroller beat-em-up, hit down, up, right, down, up right, down, up, right, right, right from the start menu.

You'll be prompted to choose a character and difficulty, though the difficulty is largely dependent on how you've built up your character's stats and their level. I wouldn't recommend going into it without working on your stats first.

Mafia 2 - Demo Impressions

Mafia2 menu.jpg

Mafia 2 honestly hasn't been on my radar as of yet. I bought the original Mafia when it first came out and I couldn't make it past the first chapter. The controls were all over the place and using a gamepad didn't seem to help matters. The story also didn't grab me, but maybe I'm just not a "mob gangster" sorta fan.

Who’s Who in New Vegas


In a pair of articles over at USA Today Gamehunters, Mike Snider revealed today the names of some of the primo voice acting talent that we can expect to hear in Fallout: New Vegas. Topping the list is Wayne frikking Newton. Yep, Mr. Las Vegas himself will be providing the voice for a centuries old computer DJ. From the sound of it, Mr. Newton may be replacing Fallout 3’s DJ Three Dog, and let me just say, good riddance.

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