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  • Resident Evil: Afterlife Director Paul W.S. Anderson Is Hooked on 3D   3 years 44 weeks ago

    Personally, I don't think Paul W.S. Anderson (the W.S. is important as there are many paul anderson's making movies and writing books out there) should be making movies at all. Don't get me wrong, he does some great stuff when on his own. Event Horizon was a great movie. But when he's given the reins of a previously existing franchise, he inevitably screws it up. Look at what he did to the Resident Evil series. It had nothing to do with the games, aside from occasionally throwing in Umbrella as the dumbest corporation on the planet. Hell, STARS didn't show up until the second movie (which he didn't work on). The same can be said for his attempt at an Aliens movie. AVP was one of the worst/lamest of the Aliens series. It's actually in competition with Alien: Resurrection for the title.

    God only knows how the new RE movie is making so much money. It's crap. Everyone says it's crap. And yet they've all gone to see it because they knew it would be crap. Its as though Anderson's fallen to the level of b-movie director without him or anyone in the studios realizing it.

    That in mind. If you ever hear of Paul W.S. Anderson doing another video game movie, and it's a franchise you love, prepare for disappointment. Now if it's Paul T. Anderson, that's a different matter. He's pretty good (Magnolia, Boogie Nights, There wil be Blood).

  • Electronic Arts about face, change name of Taliban in Medal of Honor   3 years 44 weeks ago

    Yeah it's just another example of why those "offended" people should be dismissed outright. It's also why I put "offended" in quotes. Some people (and religions) make their entire living off of being "offended".

  • Electronic Arts about face, change name of Taliban in Medal of Honor   3 years 44 weeks ago

    That's not what I'm scratching about.  Choreographed?  You bet your ass it is... on EA's part.

    I'm confused about those "concerned parties" that are absolutely horrified about the prospect that children can play the role of the Taliban to kill our troops, but are placated when children can instead play the role of the "Opposing Forces" to ...kill our troops.  

  • Electronic Arts about face, change name of Taliban in Medal of Honor   3 years 44 weeks ago

    Scratch no further, Alex. It's called marketing. Medal of Honor is trying desperately to compete with Modern Warfare and the best way to do that is with A) purposefully creating "drama" by deliberately naming the bad guys Taliban, and going one step further, letting you have fun playing as them by putting down IEDs and the like then B) purposefully creating MORE "drama" by making a big hoopla in announcing that you are changing the name.

    Both of these things keep your game's name in the news (not just game new, mainstream news as well). I'm not usually a cynic, but this one was so choreographed, even I couldn't help but roll my eyes. The only thing I am kind of tickled by is that "offending people" has become the latest marketing tool. I'm all for using idiots who get "offended" by things as a way of making more money. So while it is all staged, kudos to Activision for not REALLY giving a shit about people being "offended" (and yes, the quotes around "offended" are very intensional).

  • Scott Pilgrim Vs. Its Video Game References   3 years 44 weeks ago

    I have only recently become aware of this franchise (IP? series?) because of the movie. The one thing that strikes me about it is, to some degree, there seems to be a level of pandering going on. Let me explain.

    Gamers, because of older folks just not "getting it", seem to have a slight inferiority complex when it comes to their hobby. The big thing for gamers now seems to be "Wouldn't this make a great movie?", as if the movie of the game would finally convince everyone on the planet that games should be taken "seriously". There are two big problems with that line of thought. 1) Even with the movies, games are still not, and never will be, taken seriously by non-gamers. The only way that is going to happen is over the next few decades when (not to be cold, but) the older generations die out and leave behind ONLY the gaming generations. 2) Inferiority complexes are always a juvenile thing to possess. So what if non-gamers don't take games seriously? You know better, so just ignore those old fogeys!

    Bringing it back around to Scott Pilgrim, not only was it made into a movie, it got glowing praise from sites like IGN and other "young demo" reviewers, and a big "eh" from everyone else. Herein lies the pandering effect. People that want desperately to have gaming culture mentioned to them with a wink and a nod will love it even if the rest of the experience is crap. It's like when a rock band says during a concert "No one rocks like HOUSTON TEXAS!". People go apeshit when they hear their town/city being called out by name. It's also why pot heads LOVE jokes about pot. It's like cat-nip to them.

    I haven't seen Scott Pilgrim yet, so I won't say it's a bad movie. It might not be. But the trailer alone was enough to give me extreme "pandering" vibes. I don't need movies or comic books to make me feel better about being a gamer. If anything, I think, given the last decade of (mostly) horrible movies coming out of Hollywood, movies have something to prove to me.

  • Games for Lunch: Bakugan: Battle Brawlers   3 years 45 weeks ago

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  • Elemental: War of Magic - First Shot   3 years 45 weeks ago

    Yeah I'm currently playing version 1.08...uh...ok, apparently I'm now playing version 1.09, updating as I write this. I've read that version 1.0 was an incomplete mess. I did briefly check the game out in that state, and honestly, I'm not noticing a huge different between 1.0 and 1.08. But that was a cursory inspection.

  • Elemental: War of Magic - First Shot   3 years 45 weeks ago

    I'm usually really tempted by anything that Stardock Impulse does (loved Galactic Civs and Space Rangers) but I've heard bad things about this one. Bad as in the president of the studio that made it appologizing for the shoddy design work.


    If it turns out to actually be good I'd buy it up in an instant. ^^

  • Gaming Get-Togethers by World Gamer Nation   3 years 45 weeks ago

    You X-Box LAN party... @_@

    I...I feel dirty now for some reason. Ugh. I need to go take a shower.

  • Gaming Get-Togethers by World Gamer Nation   3 years 45 weeks ago

    It's called a LAN party...and you get better graphics and controls on the PC :p Have to razz ya!

  • Corpse Run 037: If you give a man amnesia, he'll want a cookie...   3 years 46 weeks ago

    Damn you StarFox! Always distracting our writers! Also, Alex, I can't seem to hit 1900 in Starfox 64. I need you to get there so that you motivate me to beat your score again.

  • Shuffle Time 011 by Lizzy Dawson   3 years 46 weeks ago

    We uploaded this on Friday and only now did I notice that the original, younger Luke is in top left of the last frame, behind the window. That is absolutely hilarious.

  • First Shot: Shank   3 years 47 weeks ago

    Tired and mostly forgotten genre? Maybe a couple of years ago that argument might have been valid but I still the old-school beat-em-up is making a comeback. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and and Castle Crashers are just two of the notable entries in this genre. This resurgence is likely because of the related comeback of retro games in general; two games that come to mind there are Mega Man 9 and Retro Game Challenge.

    That screenshot on the front page really reminds me of Samurai Jack for whatever reason, that super cool Cartoon Network cartoon that's now on Boomerang. I dig the style and the genre. I look forward to the review buddy.

  • Review: Metroid: Other M   3 years 47 weeks ago

    I'm just surprised that Team Ninja was able to produce a game that didn't involve jiggle physics. I lot a bet on that one.

  • Review: Madden 11   3 years 47 weeks ago

    Yeah, the commentary is pretty groan-worthy.  

    Thankfully the rest of the game holds up nicely. 

  • Review: Madden 11   3 years 47 weeks ago

    Totally agree with your chart. I had the same kind of experience on a basic slant pass: "HE'S GOT ONE MAN LEFT TO BEAT!" As the safety was actually on me in mid air as I caught the ball and immediately fell to the ground with him tackling me. Fah.

  • Corpse Run 033: I'm not sure that's how it works   3 years 48 weeks ago

    I'm sure the straight Adrian's of the world are thrilled that their name is so easily attached to gay characters. It's the go-to gay name.

  • First Shot: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days   3 years 48 weeks ago

    I think what ruined Kane & Lynch was that the main characters were in no way whatsoever likable in any way shape or form. Most games that put players in the role of some sort of anti-hero or villian, design the main characters to be likable in some way.

    What Kane & Lynch gave us was a mediocre FPS with no likable characters, a crappy AI, and lame controls.


    Not to mention the terrible press they got when Gamespot fired Jeff Gerstmann after they gave the game a bad review on the site. The official word is that his firing was unrelated to the bad review they gave one of the company's advertisers. But if you believe that, you either have way more faith in mankind than I do, or you have no idea how mainstream gaming journalism works these days (Except for here, and I'll quit and hire the russian hackers needed to take this site down if we ever do something like that.)


    So how did Kane & Lynch 2 come out? It's a Square Enix game. It was probably greenlighted before the first game hit the shelves.

  • Mega Man Universe Gameplay Teaser   3 years 48 weeks ago

    I honestly don't know why Capcom and nintendo haven't released X games on the virtual console. Maybe they are holding them back because they are working on a retro Mega Man X9 and want release the X games around the that release time as a marketing tool? Sure, I'm talking out of my ass but damn, one can hope.

    Do not play Mega Man: Command Mission. It is a terrible RPG and should only be mentioned if we are talking about burning it.

  • Mega Man Universe Gameplay Teaser   3 years 48 weeks ago

    I know about the PS2/GC one, but $40+ for a used copy of a 4-year old disc is pushing it. I meant a current-gen re-released port with widescreen. I'd especially like it on hand held devices, I mean, there was already the Mega Man Zero Collection on DS, I'm sure the X series could fit on PSP. I was expecting more of the series to come out on PSP after Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X did, but alas, there's nothing. I'm still not clear on why none of the X series has been available as a downloadable game, even on the Virtual Console.


    How was Mega Man: Command Mission, that GameCube RPG? I was always curious about that one.

  • Mega Man Universe Gameplay Teaser   3 years 48 weeks ago

    There is a Mega Man X collection disc available for the PS2 and Gamecube. I have the Gamecube version and a GC to SNES controller adapter, so I can play the early X games using the original controller.

  • Mega Man Universe Gameplay Teaser   3 years 48 weeks ago

    I wish they would just release an X series compilation disc already. I've only ever played Mega Man X.

  • Castle Crashers Still Great On PS3   3 years 48 weeks ago

    Thanks for your empathy. That's one Bionic Commando: Rearmed purchase that cannot be played again :/. Personally, I'm looking forward to Mass Effect 2 on PS3 since I never got to play the sequel on 360.

  • Castle Crashers Still Great On PS3   3 years 48 weeks ago

    Sounds fun. I loved that game on the 360 for a while, but I've lost interest after a while. Sorry to hear about the 360 bricking on you. Mine still works, but I don't like having to rely on it because it might do it any day. It's one of the reasons why I'm REALLY glad that Dead Rising 2 is coming out on the PS3. ^^

  • Corpse Run 031: I will not Kinect it, Sam I am!   3 years 49 weeks ago

    I can't help it.  There are so many sharp pokey things in the world that it's nearly impossible not to have them show up.  Way of the world my friend, way of the world.