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Corpse Run 069: Perception

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Every time a tragedy has occured in the last 15 or so years, video games have been sought out as a possible source of the blame. It's been about a week since the shootings that occured in Arizona, and sure enough, the gunman's gaming habits are called into question.
I'm not going to say that all gamers are angels, cause they're not, but I think what most people don't understand (almost exclusively due to media misinformation) is that no matter how violent or gory a game can be, playing it simply does not instill a desire to make the game a reality.
It appears as this particular Arizona gunman had a history of contempt for his target, so why his playing habits matter is a bit of a mystery to me. Maybe they'll find something useful.
Who knows, they are primarily looking at his chat logs, so maybe there was evidence of premeditation, or maybe someone else knew it was going to happen.


I like the idea of this. That is why I do love to read comics. - Scott Sohr

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