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Corpse Run 080: Divide by zero


Two days ago, it was 60 degrees. Currently, it is snowing.
Sometimes I really hate the east coast.
Last night, Richard Rodriguez (of Crispygamer fame) and I found on Netflix a Dead Space movie that was supposed to serve as a prequel to the first game. Western made, eastern influence, the word "fuck" used as punctuation, and a girl so ugly that we cheered when she died. If you ever get the chance to watch this movie, don't.
Speaking of Netflix, by the by, I am totally hooked. After signing up for it just a few days ago, I've watched about 15 movies and shows, all from the comfort of my bed. I swear to god Netflix is going to be the end of me; it's way too goddamned convenient.


Very nice. It's so cute! Anyway, talking about Netflix,I must say that that you surely hit the reviews. The shows are absolutely so great. - JustFab


That's the girl Alex was referencing. Oh please, will someone help her hair?

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