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Corpse Run 085: High fidelity



Most people are going to see this strip and say, "This premise is stupid; no audio receiver has a setting for role playing games." Up until yesterday, I felt the same.

Then I saw the Yamaha RX-A1000BL, an audio receiver with a honest to goodness "Role Playing Game" setting. I'm not sure what the setting actually does in terms of changing pitch, but I can speculate...

I'll put out the disclaimer that I actually like FFX; it's a well crafted game with fantastic visuals, wonderful music, and solid storytelling. Equally awesome was that FFX (like FFVIII) featured an abilities system that could more or less be totally broken by games end. Whoever thought it would be balanced allowing Auron to have Quick-Hit must have been smoking crack.

You know, the good kind.




I was wondering what message does the writers want the reader to comprehend, I am sorry but I can not get the message. - J. Kale Flagg

It's all about FF9 dude, best FF ever.  FF8 is a close second for me.

I still think that the last FF worth playing was 3 (or 6 if you like). FF 7 is the largest overhyped, nostalgia-fueled game in history. I haven't been able to take a JRPG seriously since then.

I'd definitely say that the quality of JRPGs on the whole has decreased, but I still have a soft spot for them; for example Rouge Galaxy (2007) was an excellent, recent JRPG... wait a minute...

I get the impression that most Japanese developers still kinda think that most gamers are 12. They certainly craft most of their characters and stories under that assumption (been playing a fair bit of DS lately).

Errr. Good storytelling? I present to you the FFX laughing scene.

I jest. I jest. Despite this scene, I enjoyed FFX as well.

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