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Corpse Run 137: Someone your own size


It's a little weird how the people in Pokemon: Black and White are still around to challenge you after you clear most of the endgame content. Not boss fights like Cynthia, Alder, Morimoto, or your friends, but random people who exist outside of the main story.

That level 6 Lillipup didn't stand a chance... I felt kind of bad about it.

And while I'm mentioning Lillipup, I feel like I've said this before, but how is something like a Lillipup a pokemon? Where is the line drawn between normal animal and pokemon? As far as I'm concerned, that thing is a dog, Pidgey is just a bird, and Bidoof is just a... ugly squirrel thing. Thundurus is like, the god of lightning or something, why would someone send a glorified housepet to fight him?

I don't care how high a level your Deerling is, it shouldn't be picking fights with Zekrom.

Remember the Amnesia video that I linked last comic? Well, reader Chris R. sent me and email pointing out that a lot of the content from that compilation came from this video, which has even more Amnesia reaction hilarity. Check it out, and thanks Chris!




Pokemon is not all about violence. It is a friendly anime and should not be depicted like this. - Scott Sohr

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