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Corpse Run 173: Magical memories



Losing save files is never a pleasant experience, doubly so when it’s a friend who erased them.  Before you wonder, no, nobody deleted anything of mine.  That isn’t to say, however, that it hasn’t happened before.

It’s just a subject that I’ve wanted to touch on but haven’t had an opportunity until recently.  Also, ponies.

In actuality, it is not Dan, but I who is playing a Tales game at the recommendation of a good friend.  Tales of Phantasia, to be exact.  It’s been a long time since I played a SNES game, but after a few hours of messing around I can gladly report that I feel like a seven year old during summer vacation so… mission accomplished!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I once stepped in a sticky-goo mouse trap, complete with a dead mouse.  Well, once again mice and I are doing battle.  For about a month or so, Jackie and I had been coming across mouse droppings and nibbled through food containers; I decided to buy a trap, baited it with a chocolate cookie and peanut butter, and proudly left it in the kitchen.


Now, it’s not even that the trap hasn’t caught anything… since I laid it, the mice have disappeared. I’d say into thin air, but I saw one of the little things and I can confirm that it was pretty fat, rendering it unable.  We haven’t found any open food containers, no mouse droppings, they’re just… gone.  We couldn’t believe that the mice would just up and leave, so Jackie came up with a plan.

She put a bowl with some soda in it in the middle of the floor surrounded by flour.  The idea was that the mice, attracted by the sugars, would try to get at the soda, and in doing so leave tracks in the flour.  The next morning she went into the kitchen and discovered…

Nothing.  Well, nothing other than the flies that decided to commit suicide in the soda bowl, anyways.

If anyone has any information or ideas on how to catch mice, please let me know as Jackie and I aren’t doing so well.  If at all possible, I don’t want any ideas that would be fatal to the mice, as I’m a little girl when it comes to killing things.  Also, ponies.




Even the sweet little pony thinks that is cheesy. How bad can it be? - JustFab

There are probably millions of people who have had all of their years of play and other files erased by someone who didn't know how important those files were to them. It is sad really.

Erasing something of someone else's sites is not a great way to maintain a friendship and in fact, some people can really get angry about it.

try luring it with salo

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