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Corpse Run 180: The Green-eyed Monster



On the positive side, Dan is gonna have clear sinuses for the next month.

So it’s actually Sunday right now and I’m about to head to Rich’s for the Superbowl.  Now normally, I’d have to either take my computer with me or leave his place super late (and endure hours of train nonsense) if I wanted to have the strip up in time for Monday morning.  However, thanks to Bill and his new-site awesomeness, I can have it auto-update for me!  All praise be to Bill!

MOUSEWATCH:  Big news everyone.  On Friday, I got the world’s best text message from Jackie, which stated that there was a mouse in the trap.  Cheddar was finally defeated!  Not wanting to off the little guy, we brought him to the park and released him, probably to go terrorize another unsuspecting home.

The trap was re-baited and put back.

This morning, we found not one, but two mice in the trap.  Cheddar appeared to be pretty small, but these new mice (henceforth named Gouda and Brie) were positively tiny.  I just got back from taking them to the park, where they were all too willing to jump out of the trap and scurry away.  Considering the amount of mice we have snared, I’m pretty sure that there’s more in our building, so perhaps I’ll have more MOUSEWATCH updates in the future.

We snapped a few pictures, but unfortunately can’t find the camera USB cable.  Once we locate that, I’ll put up the Cheddar/Gouda/Brie picks.

Aaaaaaaand I’m off to watch the game!  The Jets-less game… but hey, Curtis Martin was just elected into the hall of fame, so that’s pretty awesome!  Congratulations Mr. Martin!




He got the surprise of his life. That is what he gets for being a glutton. - Casa Sandoval

I hope you enjoyed the game and your night out. It is cool when these things can update themselves so that you don't have to babysit them. Good luck with the mice catching and I hope that you get to the point where there are no more to catch.

Catching mice and then going to watch the Super Bowl is the easiest game and is all a part of the day for some comic strip creators but at least the mice are leaving the building.

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