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Corpse Run 261: The source of considerable power




Hey!  If you were wondering when the next livestream would be (and why wouldn’t you?), rejoice, for I am about to tell you!  The next livestream will be this Friday, November 16th, 2012 at 10pm est!

Come in and join in all the silliness!  Tell me to doodle things, and listen to me ramble on about stupid nonsense while Disney tunes, Gorillaz, and Queen play in the background!  What could possibly be better than that?  Surely not a giraffe high on acid wearing a balloon hat in a china store.

The stream can be viewed by clicking here or here.


So my Final Fantasy 13 run continues, and I figure it would be silly of me not to get a strip or two out of the experience.  At the beginning of the game, Snow Villiers, a self promoting macho dude that Jackie thinks shares a resemblance to Hulk Hogan, has an ability called “hand grenade.”

This ability, as one might imagine, allows Snow to toss a hand grenade at the enemy.  While he doesn’t have the ability for long, there is one weapon upgrade that Snow receives before it disappears.  Unlike the other characters of FF13 who have actual weapons, Snow is a brawler, and his “weapons” are emblems placed on his jacket.  Basically they are iron-on patches that… make him stronger I guess.

As FF13 is a JRPG, I’m willing to accept the fact that these patches make him magically stronger/faster/whatever.  What I’m not willing to believe, however, is that his newly augmented strength makes his grenades more potent.  That’s silly.

Keep in mind that this issue isn’t just limited to Snow or the game in which he resides; characters like Vincent and Barret present a similar problem.  When they level up, I get that their strength has increased, that’s fine.  The issue is that they use weapons whose effectiveness is not based upon the strength of the person holding it.

If I get shot in the face, I won’t magically be better off if a child had shot me as opposed to an adult.  All that is required of the shooter is the ability to pull the trigger, or in the case of Snow, pull the pin out of a grenade.




When using weapons, in a game perhaps, the effectiveness is not merely upon the person's strength, it has many factors. One important thing is the ability and the knowledge of the person holding it. - Thaddeus Heffner

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