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Corpse Run 311: Meals on Wheels




The next livestream will be this Friday, May 17th at 10pm est!

If you missed the last one and wanted to check it out, you can watch it here: part 1 part 2


Lil’ bit of love today for one of the most well-voiced characters in Borderlands, the do-it-all mechanic Scooter.  In terms of today’s comic, there’s a fun little line he spouts off when you get your first car in Borderlands 2.

Feel free to re-read the comic in his voice.

In regards to the lovely woodland creature who (innocently) found his way into the glove compartment, I figure there aren’t many friendly animals on Pandora; maybe he should have been a miniature skag-like thing.

On the other hand, Pandora must have at least a few nice looking critters, right?

Stands to reason.

So the clogged drain fiasco is coming to a close, at least partially.  Jackie was able to snake out the kitchen sink (apparently the new pipe section I installed was strong enough to handle it), so that’s one major clog checked off the list.

The bathroom sink is on another level, however.  After hours of tireless snaking Jackie was unable to reach the clog; the sink is still sporting standing water.  My mother gave me a bottle of Pequa, a drain cleaner that boasts it possesses “industrial strength.”  I poured some of that down the drain about an hour ago, and so far nothing has happened.

There’s something definitely weird about the bottle… you know how products will often have user testimonial quotes on them?  Something to the effect of:

“I use it in my own home every day!” -Cleaning Professional so and so

“I’d never leave home without it!” -Super business man guy

Quotes like that give you a sense of who might be using it, and where you’ll use it.

The quote on the Pequa bottle?  Take a look for yourself:



Gee whiz… now I feel confident.




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