Crispy Gamer

Desperate times call for Common Sense Measures

Brothers and Sisters of the gaming faith,

In these uncertain times, when game journalism is stained by Big Media, polluted by ads that call into question the integrity of honest writers, and a review score system that makes the gaming demons laugh at its folly, I bring you word of a new site, built on the solid principles of the good book of gaming and a staff of enthusiastic disciples dedicated to spreading The Truth about games and the industry we have come to love.

Say Hallelujah, friends, and bathe in the light of The Truth. Behold Crispy Gamer, and may the other sites burn in their infidelity to the gaming gods. May those gods have mercy on their tainted, commercialized souls.

-- The Preacher, shepherd of the Crispy flock, January 2008

OK, so that may be a bit over-the-top, but the sentiment is the same. Games journalism today is going to hell. Big Media companies and the quest for the almighty ad dollar from game publishers has sunk the credibility and accountability of this industry to a new low. And if you, the reader, aren't confused by these mixed priorities, then trying to sort through the difference between a 7.9 and an 8.4 or three stars or 15 tomatoes will certainly have you on the edge of sanity.

Well, come back off the ledge. We offer the alternative. Here is Our Gospel:

  • Crispy Gamer is independent. We have no outside pressure influencing us.

  • Crispy Gamer will not accept ads from game publishers. Read that line again: Will not. Credibility starts when the emphasis is placed on the reader and not the bottom line.

  • Crispy Gamer reviews games without attaching a score, just a recommendation. You want to know how to spend your $60 in no uncertain terms, so we tell you: Buy it, Try it, or in true Crispy Gamer hellfire-and-brimstone fashion, Fry it.

  • Crispy Gamer employs the best independent writers in the industry today. We have more than 30 writers, with a combined 250+ years in the industry. They are the Game Trust, and they have no hidden agendas. Their only interest is to provide you with good, thoughtful discussion about games and the industry. No one is pulling their strings or forcing them to drink the Kool-Aid.

So there you have it, the Crispy Gospel and our promise to you. No Big Media, no game publisher ads and a simple review system that tells you in no-nonsense terms what we think the game is worth to you.

Our writers will be providing more than 15 regular columns and features on the industry about which you, the serious gamer, are passionate. We want you to share that passion through our community. Create a profile in our groups and dive into discussions with our writers and other serious gamers. No fanboys allowed -- only intelligent, thoughtful gamers who want to be heard amidst the morass of baseless and unsubstantiated rants.

We want you to consider Crispy Gamer your source for videogame information. We will only cover the games that matter most to our community: the popular franchises, the games with the biggest buzz or the games that you tell us you want to know about.

Thou shalt be credible and accountable. I preach it to our writers, and I'll do my absolute best to ensure that anything you find on this site adheres to this Crispy Commandment. Hellfire and damnation to those who don't abide by The Truth, this humble preacher included. The Game Trust shares this vision. We're mad as hell at the state of games journalism ? and we're not going to take it any more (thank you, Howard Beale). Join us in the adventure.

Welcome to the Crispy Congregation.

Let us end in prayer. O gods of gaming, we do humbly ask forgiveness from you and the faithful, as the full effect of Crispy Gamer has not been revealed, but rest in the knowledge that soon, our devoted staff will unveil an even better user experience capable of a spiritual gaming revelation. Blessed be God Mode. Amen.

John Keefer

"The Preacher"