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Outlook 2010: Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain
John Teti

John Teti:
A funny thing happened while I was putting together the fake Heavy Rain trailer. I found myself really looking forward to this game. At E3, I played a truly terrible demo of Heavy Rain at the Sony booth and chronicled my resulting apathy in a Five. After poring over all Heavy Rain footage on the face of the earth a dozen times over, I really want to know how the story turns out, and I want to play a part. It's a basic impulse, but let's be honest, it's also pretty rare. I can't remember the last part that a game's story was the No. 1 draw for me. It could be a groundbreaking title. It could also be just as terrible as it felt last June. Call me shaded toward the hopeful side.

Kyle Orland

Kyle Orland:
I'm pretty hopeful for this one too, not specifically to see how the story will turn out, but more to see how the story can turn out. The developers have sworn up and down that the narrative in this game is ridiculously open-ended -- that clues can be found or missed, fights won or lost, and even that characters can die without totally stopping the narrative progression. This is such a novel idea compared to most other narrative games, where completing the next goal is so important that if you fail, you have to try again just to push that thread of the story along. I'm not entirely convinced that the team at Quantic Dream can pull it off, but the groundwork it laid with Indigo Prophecy gives me hope that it can.

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