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Top 5 Upcoming Wii Games of 2011


Crispy Gamer's Johnny Fu recently wrote a  "Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2011" listing some very stiff competition, but no Wii games made the cut so I thought I'd put together this top 5 list to complement it.

5) de Blob 2 (Feb. 22)

While de Blob 2 will appear on multiple platforms, the series got its start in 2008 on exclusively on the Wii. This time the fascist INKT Corporation rigs Prisma City's general election and drains the city of its color, leaving Blob and the Color Underground to revitalize the place.

Sure, it sounds nearly identical to the first game, but Blob can now dash through obstacles, purchase upgrades using "inspiration points", and power up suits protect Blob from environmental hazards (i.e. Hazmat suits protect against spikes and fire). Platforming is better highlighted in this sequel, and in cases when Blob has to actually enter a building to repaint the camera switches to a 2D platformer camera. The first game was pretty fun, and if THQ can enhance the original formula then this will be a great game.

4) Mario Sports Mix (Feb. 7)

Maybe you're sick of sports mini-games or maybe that's all you play, but whatever the case Mario Sports Mix is worth keeping an eye on. Developed by Square Enix and published by Nintendo, this multiplayer-focused sports extravaganza features both online play and some guest appearances by the ninja, white mage, cactaur, and moogle characters from the Final Fantasy series as well as Dragon Quest's slime. While it seems to only feature basketball, hockey, soccer, and volleyball, it will be a fun game to play with family or friends and a great bridge between Wii Sports and character-controlled games for a lesser experienced gamer.

3) Animales de Muerte (TBA)

This crazy shoot-em-up may not be a Wii exclusive but it will still be a fantastic addition to your WiiWare collection. As the grandkid of a zoo owner in Mexico, the player is tasked with killing the infected undead animals while recapturing the healthy ones. While it has a cartoony style it spews comedic, over-the-top amounts of blood. Though there's no release date yet it's looking optimistic that the game could be released before the end of the year.

2) The Conduit 2 (April 19)

The first Conduit game was overhyped as the rebirth of first-person shooters, but even the developers have noted the game's shortcomings. But the sequel promises to be a big improvement. With the game engine already developed for the first game, the development team has been able to focus on the story and gameplay without distraction. Point and shoot with the Wii remote, knock over tables to hide behind, and explore multiple paths instead of the first game's corridor fest. You'll travel to Atlantis, D.C., China, the Amazon and more with improved storytelling.

Multiplayer is largely featured as well, with the ability to befriend in-game players without the exchanging of Friend Codes. Twelve players can battle it out at once or you can move to a co-op game online instead. If you want a break from Call of Duty and Medal of Honor and are looking for something more sci-fi, here's your game.

1) The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (TBA)

A little too obvious perhaps, but nevertheless very anticipated. With the success of Twilight Princess during the Wii's launch, Skyward Sword is much brighter with a mix of Twilight Princess' and Wind Waker's art styles to go for a more painting-like feel. 

The game is a prequel to what is probably the most popular game in the franchise, Ocarina of Time (which will be rereleased on the 3DS), though in what capacity is unclear. This game's Link was born in a floating group of islands and lives a normal life until the Skyward Sword leads him to the dangerous, unknown lands below.

The most exciting part is that the gameplay will take full advantage of the Wii. His sword's movement is linked to the movement of the Wii remote, and some enemies can only be defeated by slashing at a certain angle. The game's puzzles will also make use of this feature, as the sword's handling will be key to moving forward. The Spirit Tracks' whip will return, and Link will also become equipped with a flying beetle that will grab out-of-reach items for him -- both using motion control. On top of that, Link is said to utilize a stamina meter to sprint and vault over walls

I've yet to find a Zelda game I didn't enjoy, and it sounds like Nintendo is adding new variations to increase the potential of an already popular formula.


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